Dogs are a mans best friend, a loyal partner who is always by your side and maybe why dogs are the most popular subject type for commissions. Being a dog owner for many years I truly understand how precious dogs are in your life and how they are truly solid part of the family unit.

    The dog portraits I do range in size from cute A6 black and white drawings through to full colour A2 stunning portraits. You can opt for a single portrait or even go for a group pencil portrait of one or more dogs in the same drawing. You can have your dog portrait isolated to stand out, or if you would like it within a certain setting, a background is an option a lot of customers want. Maybe a portrait of your dog running on the beach or laid cost in front of the fire, the options are endless and everything is possible, so please get in touch i will be happy to talk through all options with you to ensure you get the perfect dog portrait.

    Please take a look through my gallery, you will see a variety of dog portraits I have done for customers. Also, take a look at my testimonials page, you will see how pleased my customers have been with my work.

    Amongst all the animal portraits I undertake dog portraits have to be my favoured subject, there is such a variety of different breeds, each one with its very own individual personality and look, which I capture to the finest detail.The detail of my work and the realism I create is why I am one of the most popular dog portrait artists in the North West.


    If you have a variety of different photos you would like to use I can create a composite of the drawing on the computer for you to use before starting the drawing, to ensure you are 100% happy with how its going to look.
    I have undertaken a lot of group dog portraits in this way, they can make such great drawings, each pose within the drawing showing a different pose or expression of the dog, making it your perfect composition.

    When it comes to sizes and the type of pose that ill suit best, here is a few ideas for you; if you are looking for a small A5/A6 black and white dog portrait, a simple head and shoulders pose works perfect, with a white background the portrait will stand out and look just great. If you are looking at a bigger portrait, A4/A3 then you can have more of the dog showing, maybe 1 subject sat or laid down works well at this size, alternatively you could have up to three head and shoulder shots of up to three different dogs if youd prefer. I am happy to discuss all options with you on the phone or over email if you would prefer, as I can basically go up to A1 which can make for a very grand piece, in which you can have multiple full frame dogs, with full backround as well.

    Whatever you have in mind you can rest assured If you commission me to undertake your dog portrait, you will receive a drawing that will exceed your expectations at a price that will rival all the top dog portrait artists in the UK.

    So to conclude you can get a bespoke dog portrait drawing from £150 up to £1500, at sizes from A5 up to A1. You can have from one subject, going up to 5-6 subjects depending on the size and style you choose.

    Whatever your looking for get in touch Id love to hear from you and start the journey with you to create the perfect dog portrait.



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    What our customers are saying

    “I was so pleased with the portrait of my late husband John, the likeness was incredible, i was blown away with the realism of the drawing thankyou so much I will treasure if forever” – Jeane Armstrong – Preston Lancashire