If you’re looking for a drawing of that special man in your life or a dear relative then you’ve come to the right place. A pencil drawing can make for a wonderful piece of artwork, evoking great memories of good times. All the drawings I undertake can be either black and white or colour depending on what you’re looking for, and all drawings are available in sizes ranging from A4 up to A1.

    A lot of the drawings of men I do are for gifts and are quite often part of a family group drawing, with 4-5 subjects within the drawing. That said individual pencil drawings of men are still a very popular choice and quite often commissioned as a drawing to remember a loved one who has passed or to celebrate a significant birthday reached.

    Obviously there is a variety of different poses that you can choose from for your drawing, head and shoulders being the most popular, there is also a full figure pose, sitting pose, or even an action pose. Whichever you choose, you can be guaranteed I will create a wonderful drawing that will exceed your expectations.

    The price for drawings of men range from £150 up to £1500 depending on what size you go for and whether you would like black and white of full colour drawing. I can also mount and frame the drawing if required, which makes life easier for you especially if the drawing is for a special gift. If you don’t want the drawing framed please let me know at the time of ordering and I will post it recorded delivery once finished in a protective tube.

    If you need help choosing the best photo to use, please feel free to send me over the options that you have shortlisted and I will give you my professional opinion on which is the best reference to use for a drawing. If you are wanting a few photos combining into the one drawing thats not a problem, I am often asked to do this, it can create a stunning drawing that reflects a variety of different poses and moods of the same person, making for a really interesting drawing.

    Whatever you have in mind, I will be happy to advise and discuss things with you, feel free to give me a call.


    When it comes to drawings of people, drawings of women are one of the favourites and not necessarily drawings of women that are known to the person ordering or receiving the drawing. Sometimes a famous Hollywood star is the perfect choice of subject. When it comes to famous people or female portraits from history there are literally hundreds to choose from, making for the ideal present for an adorning fan of that certain celebrity.

    Maybe its just a single drawing of a women you are looking for? a family member or good friend, either way I will be happy to create the perfect portrait for you. It may be a gift, or a drawing for yourself you’ve always thought about having done, whichever it is drop me a line or a quick email to start the ball rolling and we will talk over the various options and prices.

    You may have the perfect photo you would like to use for your drawing, thats great, please feel free to send it over to me via email, please also let me know the size you would like your drawing and also whether it is to be done in colour or black and white. I will then get back to you to discuss timeframes and any other questions I may have. If you need the drawing for a certain date please also put this in your initial email so I can make sure I meet your timeframe.

    Just remember drawings of women don’t just have to be an exact copy of the photo supplied, they can have different backgrounds added, hair styles can be changed to that from different reference, the drawing can even contain 2-3 different poses of the same person, so let your creativity go wild. With todays technology the initial drawing reference can be a combination of various source images to create an almost fairytale portrait that would make a drawing that will give amazing impact.

    Get in touch today and let start the portrait journey, creating your perfect drawing!


    Drawings of kids can make for some of the most characterful pieces of artwork, with their cheeky smiles and mischievous nature a kid drawing can be a piece of art that makes you smile every time you look at it. When it comes to choosing the perfect pose for the drawing with kid drawings there are really three types to go for; one is the stereotypical cute picture of them as a small child looking super cute, the type of picture that makes everyone go ahhhh. The second type is when they are a little older, maybe up to a bit of mischief, covered in food smiling, or maybe a picture of them covered in dirt digging in the mud, you know the type, the nature of this type of drawing is to evoke a smile from the viewer. The third type is a little more official, maybe there first day at school, or a picture of them at a formal occasion, maybe a wedding. Whichever type of pose you are looking for, amongst the three outlined there are literally hundreds of choices to go for, all of which will reflect the individual character of the child you want portraying.

    Kid drawings can also be a combination of two or more subjects, think of your child, playing with the family dog, or playing with his/her sibling. A kid drawing that is made up of a few different subjects can be fun and make for a beautiful piece of artwork that will create laughter and smiles in abundance.

    As with all my drawings, kid drawings can be done in black and white or coloured pencil, both have their own unique and wonderful qualities. As the nature of kid drawings are mostly fun, a lot of people opt for a loose sketch rather than a very precise drawing, but the choice is yours. Whichever type of drawing you are looking for, drop me a quick email, I will answer any questions you have and also give you exact costs and timeframes for your drawing.

    You may be wanting your portrait drawing for a birthday present or special gift, for a relative or dear friend? please let me know at the time of ordering when it is needed for so I can meet your timeframes.

    Don’t forget, I can also combine photos, maybe you want the kid from one photo combining with the background of another photo, with maybe a dog of another photo, everything is possible with technology today. As long as each photo is of good quality, crisp and clear then I can put together whatever composition you would like.

    Get in touch today to create your perfect kid drawing!


    When it comes to ordering a drawing I have tried to make the process as easy and pain free as possible. The key to achieving the perfect portrait drawing starts with the reference, if the reference is of a good size, clear crisp quality and has good definition then we’re onto a winner. If you are not sure about any part of the process from the reference quality to prices or anything else, please feel free to get in touch I will be more than happy to help you.

    Here is a quick guide to help you start the ball rolling with ordering your pencil portrait, and don’t forget, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch either by phone or email.

    Stage 1 – The reference, you may have the perfect picture digitally, or even a photographic print, either way I can work of both. If the photo is a digital photo, of a phone or digital camera the photo needs to be of a certain size. If the photo is approx A5 (or high resolution of an camera phone) then that will be great. The photo also needs to be very clear and sharp, ideally the subjects and any specific detail needs to be crisp and clear so I can visualise it as precisely as possible. If you are using a photo print, then A6 or larger is fine, again the definition on the picture needs to be sharp and the tone ideally needs to have good contrast.

    This is obviously an ideal scenario, a lot of the time the photos I receive have a certain level or blur and the tone is sometimes quite flat, but these are elements I can mostly work around in order to still achieve a good pencil portrait drawing. As long as I can see the key areas of the reference then I can use artistic licence to fill the gaps.

    Stage 2 – The composition, are you wanting 1, 2, 3 or more subjects in the drawing? If you send me over all the subjects you would like to be in the drawing I can put the composition together on the computer of how the drawing will look prior to starting the piece.

    Remember I can combine different photos into your drawing, different backgrounds and people combined into the portrait drawing.

    Stage 3 – What size? All my drawings can be done from A5 right up to a very large A1, and all size options in between. If you have a think where the drawing will be situated then it may help you determine what size you would like the drawing. Don’t forget, if you are also having the portrait mounted and framed it will add at least 3 inches to the width and height all round, so try to take that into account when choosing your size.

    Stage 4 – Timeframe? When do you need the drawing, please let me know when the drawing is needed so I can work to your timeframes. On average a people drawing takes approx 14 days give or take as a rough guide for you.

    Stage 5 – Framing, would you like me to supply your finished drawing mounted and framed? Please let me know when ordering so I can order the frame in time to meet your requirements.

    Stage 6 – Deposit, Once the reference, size, timeframe and framing requirements have been arranged all I require off you to proceed with the order is a 20% deposit.

    If you have questions about any of the above please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.



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    What our customers are saying

    “I was so pleased with the portrait of my late husband John, the likeness was incredible, i was blown away with the realism of the drawing thankyou so much I will treasure if forever” – Jeane Armstrong – Preston Lancashire