Well, happy new year to one and all, its been a very strange time this Christmas, but now is the start of a bright new year.

The last 4 weeks running up to Christmas, I had a bit of a mad rush completing two commissions ordered for Christmas presents.

The first one I did was of ‘Dougal’ a beautiful boxer dog, created at A2 in full colour and delivered mounted and framed. I really enjoyed this dog drawing, as the fur being short and more wiry than most dogs created a wonderful sheen to his colouring. With his cheeky face, oozing character the overall piece reflected his character well. The grass also adds a lovely natural aspect to the dog drawing, using layers the grass contains 6-7 separate colours to get the depth and right tone. I was extremely pleased with the finished boxer drawing, as was the customer. Take a closer look at this drawing in my gallery

This is her testimonial “The expression and reaction from my mother in law when the wrapping paper was opened revealing your artwork of Dougal made her eyes water. She covered her mouth with her hands and was lost for words. Thankyou ever so much! It was so personal to her and it was worth every penny. We thankyou again.” read other testimonials here

The second commission was of ‘Annie’ a stunning brindle coloured German Shepherd, who has had a very active career, from the armed forces to police forces and now still enjoys a very active life on security patrols.

Her brindle colouring makes for a stunning looking German Shepherd, along with her individual white tuft on her chest, she is a beautiful example of this breed. The photo reference for this commission was excellent, picking up on the finest of detail. This allowed me to replicate this detail perfectly in he drawing, creating a very lifelike and realistic dog portrait.

The size of the German Shepherd portrait was created at A3, in full colour Derwent Lightfast pencils, and even though the dark tones look like a singular colour they are made up of 5-6 different colours to get a rich colour and depth to the fur texture.

If you are considering commissioning a dog pencil drawing and are struggling to get the right photo, take a look at my photo guide, it may be of use. Alternatively give me a quick call and I will be happy to talk things over with you. If you have a specific timeframe you would need your dog drawing for please let me know as soon as possible when ordering, I usually require between 3-4 weeks to complete a drawing but can achieve tighter deadlines dependent on how busy my order books are.



Over the last year, I have tried something different to show the progress of my commissions. Rather than showing a handful of flat images, each one representing a stage in the drawings progress, I have created individual time lapse videos for some of the commissions I have undertaken this year.

You can view all of these VIDEOS HERE As you will see particularly from the dog pencil portraits I have completed it blends from one transition to the next slowly building up the drawing until complete. This gives the viewer a better understanding how each drawing is built up. Each transition is usually 2-3 hours work so gives a good gauge on the speed each drawing can be completed as well.

I have now introduced with all my commissions, that once complete, I can supply them a time lapse video of their artwork free of charge. This will give them more of an insight into the work involved and how it develops into the finished piece, as well as being kinda cool too.

Each drawing is developed quite similarly, as you can see on the wildlife drawing of the silverback gorilla, the coloured pieces are built up with two and three separate layers of colour in order to achieve the depth and richness of the finished artwork. Thats where time lapse videos are unique in explaining this principle and far better than still images.

flower Girl

The same principle applies to the child portrait drawing of the flower girl, but in a monotone way. The different grades of graphite pencil are built up to create the depth in tone and contrast, giving a crisp photo realistic finish to the piece.




Over the last 6 months we have all had quite a lot of time on our hands, the lockdown has given us all more chance to do some of those jobs we have had been trying to get to for ages.

During the last 6 months I have undertaken quite a few commissions, as well as completing some drawing subjects I have wanted to do for some time. My commissions have ranged from dog portrait drawings, cat drawings and even some wildlife pencil drawings. The majority of these drawings were full colour so took a lot more time than black and white pencil drawings. I must say dog portrait drawings are a particular favourite of mine, slowly seeing them as they come alive as you progress each piece. My last piece was Kaiser the German shepherd and was a full colour A2 dog portrait drawing, completed in September. As I only had a few commissions in the wings, to be completed before Christmas,  I could take a bit more time than normal on this drawing and thoroughly enjoyed this piece.

If you are looking for a dog pencil portrait, cat pencil drawing or pencil portrait of a loved one, that you would like to give as a present for christmas, please get in touch I have a few slots left for this year.




This wildlife drawing was one I had wanted to do for some time. Nico the Lowland gorilla lived all his captive life at Longleat Safari Park nr Warminster, until he sadly passed away at 56 years of age. He was the oldest western lowland gorilla in Europe and thought to be the second oldest gorilla in the world.

I really enjoyed drawing this piece, as it brought new challenges I had never experienced before. The depth of his fur, flowing in different directions, the leather texture of his chest and his aged characterful face, all required me to explore different techniques and effects to create the photorealistic finish i wanted to achieve.

I have been in contact with Longleat Safari Park, as I want to donate it to them, they can hang it at the safari park as a wonderful memory of the amazing animal that Nico was.




After a great reception from Instagram growing my popularity and followers dramatically within 6 months, I expanded my potential audience and started up a Facebook account for my artwork.

From starting on Facebook I have had enquiries from all over the world, from America, to as far away as Australia. Primarily driving new likes and friend requests, headlining with my pet pencil portraits and animal drawings. The demand for dog pencil portraits and cat pencil drawing have grown hugely in popularity, mainly from the UK and USA, as these are home to the worlds biggest do lovers.

I recently posted a promotion on Facebook, headlining with a black and white child pencil portrait drawing, to diversify my audience and let people know there is a variety of different commission types I can undertake. This drawing was also a litmus test as I have changed my technique on this drawing to more hyper realism, and wanted to see how it would be received by the general public. I received a great deal of comments and the overall reaction was extremely positive.