Welcome to my website ‘Personal Artworks UK’, I am Peter Bamber a professional artist who has been specialising in pencil pet portraits for over 20years. All the drawings I undertake are created with the finest of details, capturing the true character and look of your adored pet. My drawing style is photorealistic and each pet drawing takes between 50-150 hours to complete, whether that be a black and white of full colour pencil portrait, so you can be assured you are going to get a drawing that you will be extremely happy with.

    When people enquire about commissioning a pencil pet portrait they normally have a great deal of questions, most of which, I have hopefully answered below. If you take a look at still have a few question please feel free to give me a call on 0777 999 3163, I will be happy to talk through these with so you get the perfect pencil pet portrait.


    Maybe you have been thinking for some time you would love to have a pencil pet portrait done but you weren’t sure where to start? It’s a process that can be difficult to start for a lot of people, mainly because choosing the perfect reference photo of their pet is quite difficult, as they normally have hundreds to choose from. With my years of experience in this area, I can help you choose the best photo for your portrait and even combine 2-3 different photos if required, to create the perfect reference for your pencil pet portrait.
    Whatever type of pencil pet portrait you are wanting, im confident once we discuss your requirements, you will wonder why you haven’t done it sooner.

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    Dog portraits are the most popular type of drawings I undertake, with the UK being a nation of over 9.6 million dog owners its not too surprising. Over the years I have done pencil portraits of most breeds of dogs, from Beagles to Boxers, Alsations to Afghans. The range of colours and textures in the dog world are quite varied, that said every dog pencil portrait I do, always have their own unique attributes that capture the true character and personality of each dog perfectly. So whether you have a miniature terrier or giant Great Dane you can be assured a pencil pet portrait commissioned with Personal Artworks UK will be a perfect representation of your best friend.


    Cat pencil pet portraits are another firm favourite when looking at a typical pet portrait subject commission. The variety of cat breeds and each breeds unique characteristics are just as varied if not more, than dogs. Cat pencil portraits are quite different to most other pet portraits done, as most customers who commission one, prefer to have a portrait that focuses more on the face and head rather than their whole body. This makes for a pet pencil portrait that has greater realism and far more impact to the viewer for two reasons; one, the detail that can be captured in a larger pet portrait is far greater than a portrait that shows the cats entire body, two, as the portrait is just a head shot, the eyes capture the viewer immediately and reflect the cats true personality far better.


    From thoroughbreds through to the gentle trotting family horse, I have covered a vast amount of horses pencil portraits over the years. Horse pencil pet portraits gives far more versatility in terms of subject matter for a portrait commission. Whether it be a horse portrait that is an action shot of the horse being ridden, a close up head portrait of the horse or simply just the horse grazing in a field, there is a vast amount of different scenarios you can choose for the perfect horse pencil pet portrait. If you are not sure on the best subject type to go for feel free to give me a call I will be happy to talk through things with you to assist.

    A horse action shot is probably the most dramatic and most popular in terms of portraits I have been commissioned over the years. A horse and rider, amateur or professional have a close bond, and this reflected in a great action shot can add an extra special element to the piece of artwork. It can reflect the power of the horse, the stunning beauty of the horse and also how great the horse was at performing, a pencil portrait that offers a lot to the viewer. The traditional horses head portrait is also a great pose to opt for when choosing the best stance for your horse pencil portrait. It can reflect the beauty of its face, its soft brushed fur and also give a much more impactful look from the close up of the horses facial features and cheeky personality.


    Quite often many dog owners have more than one furry friend in their life, and when commissioning a pet portrait want to go for multiple subjects within their pencil portrait. A double, triple or even quadruple pencil portrait of your pets can make for an amazing piece of artwork. Your pencil pet portrait could be made up of as many pets as you wish and they don’t all have to be the same type of animal either. You could have dogs, cats, horses, gerbils, even birds can be included in your group pencil pet portrait. There is no limit on how many or the type of animal you can have within your pet portrait drawing. When I receive all of your photo reference I will create a rough positional mock up on the computer showing the size and position of each subject within the overall composition. If you have any preference in which, if any, animal needs to be the most visually dominant in the piece please advise with your initial enquiry.

    From the draft composition I will provide you can adjust the size and position of the subjects until you are completely happy with the layout and reference composition. From this point I will use this as the basis for your pencil pet drawing.

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    Well here it is, the 64 million dollar question, the best pose for a pencil pet portrait depends on quite a few different factors; it depends on the type of animals being drawn, the size you would like the pencil portrait, how many subjects are in the drawing and whether it is a black and white drawing or full colour. As well as that your personal preference is also an important factor. All that said, below I have outlined a few examples to help you with your decision when choosing the best pose for your pencil pet portrait. If you have any questions or would like to combine two or three options into the same portrait please feel free to give me a call.


    The more traditional type of portrait, looking back over the years this is probably the most popular or ALL portrait poses, mainly due to the subjects having great stature and strength reflected in this pose. This type of pose also gives the opportunity for me to pick up on a huge amount of detail, due to the subject being close up, being only head and shoulders, vividly reflecting the key features of the animals face showing the animals true character and personality.
    This type of pose is perfect for dog and horses, showing the full detail and marking of the animals face. In addition to that, a horse can be fully bridled in the portrait which can add a nice regal aspect to the overall portrait. Cat pencil portrait do lend themselves to this type of pose but the majority of my customer like to go for a pose that shows more of the cats body as the fur and fluffy aspect of a cat is a big part of their appearance.


    Now this can be a great pose for a pencil portrait of your pet, a leaping dog or prancing horse can be a great reflection of the animals true nature. This pose is quite often used as the centre piece within a group pencil portrait, surrounded by smaller studies of the same subject.
    Achieving the photo reference for this can be a little tricky if you’re not a seasoned pro with a camera. Your settings need to be just right to capture the subject with just the right amount of lighting and clarity that will be perfect for a portrait study. That said, if you snap away with your camera, you’re fairly likely to capture that money shot if you take enough photos. Play around with the settings on your camera or phone, adjust the lighting, try indoor and outdoor settings and you’ll catch that great photo when you least expect it.


    A full figure pencil pet portrait can give you a lot more flexibility in terms of the type of photograph to choose from and can make for an amazing pet portrait. It could be a photograph of your dog laying on his dog bed, playing with his toy as he looks towards the camera. It could be a beautiful shot of your horse grazing in the paddock with a background of a stunning sunset, or even a photograph of your cat just lazing in front of the fire, the photo opportunities are endless. At the end of the day what one person thinks of as a great photo another person may not, so it simply comes down to personal preference. If you have a few different photos you cant decide between, please free to send them over to me and I will give you a call and chat over things with you to help decide.


    When choosing the best photographic reference to use for your pencil pet portrait, although the pose is quite crucial, it comes down to a lot more than that.The clarity of the photographic reference is the most important part when choosing the best photo reference. If the photo has great definition and shows a high level of detail when enlarged then this is perfect in order for me to translate this detail into a perfectly executed pencil drawing.

    My photorealistic style is only achievable if the reference reflects the detail that is wanted to be achieved. Some customers may love a certain pose or picture of their pet and request a portrait to be done, but when I have looked at the reference sent, the photo may be blurred and slightly out of focus, which means an extra level of detail is required to be added by myself when drawing the pencil portrait. The only way to achieve this extra level of detail is to draw from experience, for example, dog fur has a certain texture I can replicate. That said, it can make the animal portrait look a little too generic and ideally needs to reflect the true character and personality of the pet being drawn. So in conclusion this is why I insist on good photographic reference, so that the pencil pet portrait being commissioned is as realistic as possible to the animal when finished.

    You may have old photos that are not great quality, do not fear, these can be enlarged digitally by myself in order to achieve a good level of detail that will be good enough to use for reference. If you have any questions regarding photo quality or would like to discuss anything please feel free to give me a call.

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    This is quite dependent on a few different factors, one is the size you would like your portrait drawing, and two is the type of pencil portrait you would like, ie, black and white or full colour. Starting with the timescales for a black and white A3 pencil portrait of 1 subject this can be done within two weeks normally. If you are looking at a full colour A2 pencil pet portrait with 2-3 subjects this will take approx 6 weeks to complete. Maybe you are thinking of commissioning a pencil pet portrait for a friend or loved ones birthday? If this is the case please give me a call letting me know the date and I will let you know if the date is achievable. To date I have met every single commission deadline without fail, so if required can work to tighter timeframes, I personally just prefer to have a little more flexibility. Take a look at my order prices page, there is a whole range of different sizes and styles available, alternatively just give me a call or drop me an email and I will get back to you ASAP.


    When it comes to Pencil pet portraits, black and white is probably the most favoured by my customers. Each black and white pencil portrait I undertake is done capturing the finest of details and realism evoking a response of both surprise and joy by my customers. Using a wide variety of the finest graphite pencils from grade H through to 9B the tonal quality and intricacies reflected in the piece give a superior level of realism. Personally speaking, I think black and white pencil portraits are favoured by the majority or customers as they focus the viewer on the primary attributes of the piece, such as the expression or character of the piece and are not distracted by the vividness of colour. I also think black and white adds a special element to any pencil portrait, giving it a more moody appearance.


    If you are opting for a full colour pencil pet portrait, then you are wanting that something extra special. I pride myself on the fine quality and detail captured within each piece I undertake, creating something truly memorable and with phenomenal visual impact. Created using the finest Derwent Lightfast Coloured Pencil, each coloured pencil portrait is made up of 5-6 different coloured layers, creating a depth to the colour that has a truly photorealistic finish. Each coloured pencil portrait can take up to 200hrs to capture the unrivalled level of detail my work is renowned for. If you are considering a coloured pencil portrait but are not too sure where to start, please give me a call and I will go over the whole process with you including prices and timeframes.


    Once your pencil pet portrait is finished there is no better way to show it off than to set it into a beautifully handcrafted picture frame. All the picture frames I use are made bespoke to each order, I choose the best colour mount and picture frame that will make your portrait stand out to be the centre piece of any room. The styles of picture frames I use are generally quite modern and less fussy than some available, mainly so the portrait stands out and the frame doesn’t detract from the artwork, but that said if you have a particular frame style in mind please let me know when ordering so I can source one that will meet your requirements.

    With all pencil portraits commissions I undertake I prefer to frame them prior to delivery, this is for two reasons; one is knowing I have chosen the best colour of mount and style of picture frame that makes the artwork look its very best, the second is protection, framing a delicate piece of artwork gives it a certain level of protection from everyday elements such as dust and moisture.

    When I am choosing the colour of mount for your pencil portrait, I look to the artwork, trying to pick out one or two of the key colours within it and use those for the mount colour. This will give the pencil pet portrait a succinct look when finished and help everything blend together perfectly. The size of mount is also quite an important element, I usually go for a minimum of 2″ mount, this allows the pencil portrait to stand alone enough within the mount but also work with the colours of the mount giving a complimentary look to the overall piece.

    Please have a look at my framing page for styles of picture frames I have in stock, but as mentioned please don’t look at this like a finite selection, if you have a certain style in mind please feel free to discuss this with me when ordering.

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    Prices of pencil pet portraits start from £150, for a 10×8″ beautifully hand crafted black and white pencil portrait. The cost is really defined by exactly what type and size of pencil portrait you would like, If you are wanting something a bit more spectacular, like an A3 or A2 full colour pet portrait with 3-4 subject the cost can be around £750-£1500, but again depends on the size. To get a true idea of how much a pencil pet portrait will cost, visit my prices page which outlines the sizes and styles available. Alternatively give me a call I will be happy to talk you through the prices and overall process of ordering a pencil pet portrait.

    Maybe you’re thinking there a bit too expensive for your budget? I can tailor a pencil portrait to your exact budget making sure we get as close to what your looking for at the price you want. Just give me a call today.


    Ordering your pencil portrait is quick and easy, 99% of people ordering normally email to place their order, mainly so they can ask any questions they have at the same time and finalise things quickly. Alternatively give me a call if you need an instant response or urgent price. So take a look around my website, view my galleries and see the quality of work I do, then when you are ready to discuss your pencil pet portrait, either , email me on: [email protected], call me on 0777 999 3163 or simply place your order online I look forward to hearing from you.


    Once I undertake your pencil portrait commission, I will keep you updated of the progress via email or txt messages to show you how I am getting on. If at any point you would like any small tweaks or amendments making to the original drawing I will do these free of charge until you are completely happy. This is my guarantee to you that you truly love your pencil pet portrait. If you have any questions please just get in touch id love to hear from you.


    Not a problem, as mentioned above, I can work to quite timeframes, so If I am really squeezed I can do a pencil pet portrait in as little as a week. This obviously depends on the size and style required but in most cases can meet your deadline. Don’t think ‘thats not enough time’ give me a call and we can chat about it, ill let you know straight away if I can do it.