Portrait drawings from photographs in sizes ranging from A4 through to A2, available in both black and white or full colour. Get in touch to discuss your requirements, I will talk through all options with you and how together, we can achieve the perfect portrait drawing for you.

    From people portraits to beautifully crafted pet portraits, I can create whatever style of drawing you are looking for. I must say the most popular of all portrait drawings I am asked to do are pencil portraits of animals. From cats to dogs right through to even the most unusual subject of snakes, pet portraits are a very popular request from customers far and wide.

    You can go for a wonderfully detailed, single subject, A5 portrait, or maybe you are looking for a group portrait of two or three subjects slightly larger. Group portrait drawing are a firm favourite too. A highly detailed study of one central subject, surrounded by two, three or even four additional smaller subjects.All the subjects in this type of drawing can be a mix or people and animals, making for a fantastic portrait that evokes happy fun memories. One commission I have recently undertaken was made up of two central subjects of a man and a woman, surrounded by two horses and two dogs. This told a great tale of a family unit in visual form and was received with great emotion by the customer.

    If you are not sure what type of drawing you are looking for, maybe have a quick browse of my gallery, it may inspire a few ideas to help you. Alternatively you may know exactly what you are wanting, in which case feel free to email the reference across to me and I will get straight back to you with full costs and delivery timeframes.

    Whenever you are looking to buy something of this nature, there is sometimes a question mark about how good it will turn out and will you be happy with the finished product? Take a look at my testimonials page to see what my previous customers experiences have been like. I will also be happy to give references from customers who will be happy to talk to you about their experience of working with me.

    Whether its a pencil portrait of a loved one or a devoted pet, I can create a beautiful drawing that I guarantee you will love.

    You may have the perfect photo you would like me to use as reference for your portrait drawing, or you may have a photo, but are not quite sure if its good enough quality for me to use? If this is the case please feel free to send it over by email and I will have a look and let you know if its suitable. Once I receive a reference photo I usually enlarge it on the computer, sharpen the image and retouch it slightly, this then makes it great reference to use on my ipad for drawing. So don’t worry in most cases the reference is usually fine to create the perfect portrait drawing from.

    In terms of sizes to have your portrait drawing, the most popular size I am asked for is A3, this is a great size for most portrait drawings. On A3 you can have a drawing with one subject on, either full figure or larger well defined head and shoulders pose. Or you could have a group portrait containing up to four subjects, dependent on the size of each subject.

    The main reason people choose A3 is that when mounted and framed its a great size to fit on most peoples walls without being too large for the room. Which when people choosing larger sizes such as A2 or A1 normally have a considerable size wall to hang the framed picture.

    Okay so once you have found the perfect photo to use as reference for your portrait drawing, the only other choices you need to make is first, do you want the drawing in colour or black and white and two, would you like the drawing mounted and framed.

    Don’t delay, get in touch today and order your portrait drawing, It will make an amazing gift for someone, or a treasured item for yourself.



    close up of black and white cat drawing

    Cat Portraiture

    Full colour Wildlife pencil drawing of Nico the gorilla


    headshot of child portrait in black and white graphite pencil

    Children Portraiture

    Full colour pencil portrait of male

    FIlm & Screen Artwork

    close up of full colour female portrait drawing

    People Portraiture

    What our customers are saying

    “I was so pleased with the portrait of my late husband John, the likeness was incredible, i was blown away with the realism of the drawing thankyou so much I will treasure if forever” – Jeane Armstrong – Preston Lancashire