With over 20 years experience creating the finest portraits in black and white or coloured pencil, Personal Artworks UK are perfectly positioned to offer you the best quality handcrafted portraits in pencil at the very best prices. Take a look at my gallery to see the quality of my artwork. With every piece I create I aim to capture the finest of detail giving all the pencil portraits I produce and extremely high level of realism. If you are looking for a pencil portrait, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed when choosing Personal Artworks UK.

    Personal Artwork UK offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Once the order has been received for your portrait in pencil and I commence work on it, you will receive regular updates at incremental stages of the drawing. At any stage, if there is anything you are not happy with I will address these changes free of charge until you are completely satisfied. Once the portrait is finished I will send you a final proof of the portrait prior to receiving the balance of payment and dispatching your pencil portrait.



    Ordering your portrait has never been easier – Option one, simply drop me an email explaining what it is you are looking for, ie, black and white A4 pencil portrait etc, attach any photos for reference and I will get back to you with a cost and timeframe on completion. Don’t forget if you need the drawing for a special occasion please let me know in the email so I can complete the order in time for you.
    Another option is to just drop me a line, we can have a quick chat and discuss exactly what you are after, I will advise you on the best options for the type of portrait you would like and let you know costs for the completed portrait.


    The gift of a bespoke portrait created in pencil always evokes quite an emotional response. Whether it be a drawing of a loved one who has passed or a family pet you have had for years, a hand drawn portrait never fails to bring a tear to the eye of the recipient. Many people commissioning me to do a drawing for them, are often giving the drawing as a special gift for a birthday or Christmas. Why not, a portrait of a cherished person or animal has so much love and happy memories attached to it, that it is the gift that never stops giving. 


    I have scaled all my pencil portrait prices so they are affordable to all. A beautifully hand drawn A5 starts from as little as £150, going right up to £1500 and above for A2/A1 full colour pencil portraits. Please get in touch I’d love to hear from you and discuss your requirements.

    When I send final proofs of drawings to my customers they are always amazed at the likeness and realism of the drawings, but they do always say, the photographs are nothing compared to how impactful the drawing is when they see it in real life. It is a true passion of mine to create the very best portraits in pencil possible, which is why I insist on the reference being high quality, as I say if the reference doesn’t have the detail the drawing certainly won’t. 


    A2 Dog Pencil Portraits of 2 Lurchers

    “Oh my god that looks amazing, I cannot believe how you have managed to do that! Honestly blown away.”


    A3 Pencil Portrait of Young Boy

    “Just to let you know that as I suspected my nephew was moved to tears to receive the portrait of Logan. Both parents loved it so thankyou once again.What you do is very special.”


    A2 Dog Pencil  Portrait in Colour

    “I was so pleased with Peter’s portrait of our German Shepherd Annie. It was so life like. The detail was exquisite and it was the perfect Christmas surprise for my fiancé. Highly recommended, Peter even went to the trouble of hand delivering to ensure it arrived in time for Christmas. Thank you again for all your hard work. –  Manchester


    A2 Dog Pencil Portrait

    “Awesome, absolutely awesome…Fantastic job looks so real Thankyou peter!




    Take a look at a some of the videos I have created, these reflect the progress of some pencil portraits I have been commissioned over the last year. It’s quite interesting to see how each one slowly comes to life the more the drawing progresses and how dramatic an effect the eyes have on every pencil portrait.



    If you are looking for a pencil portrait of that special person or loved one in your life then you’re at the right place. You can order a pencil portrait in black and white or full colour, available in sizes ranging from A5 right up to A1 if required. There is a size and style of pencil portrait to suit every budget so get in touch today and order your personalised pencil portrait drawing.

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    Personal Artworks UK are specialists in Dog Pencil Portraits and can create you the perfect dog portrait to suit your exact budget. Whether it be a small A4 pencil portrait you are looking for, or a grand A2 full colour pencil drawing, Personal Artworks UK can cater for every budget. Give me a call I’d love to hear from you, I can guarantee to create you a dog pencil portrait that will exceed all you expectations.

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    A cat pencil portrait can be a beautiful thing, that adorable look your cat gives you, captured in a stunning cat pencil portrait for ever. Available in sizes ranging from A4 up to A2, Personal Artworks UK can work to all budgets large and small. You can opt for a high definition black and white or dramatic full colour portrait depending on your taste, all available delivered framed or unframed.

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    Pencil portraits of children can make for some of the cutest drawings ever. Capturing that cheeky smile of pure innocence in a handcrafted pencil portrait can bring a smile to most peoples faces. A pencil portrait of your can make for an extra special gift, to your parents or relatives, the most unique gift you can give. Get in touch today we can create the perfect pencil portrait of your child.

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    Pencil Portraits of Men

    Order a pencil portrait of that special male in your life, whether that be your father, partner or someone you simply admire. Personal Artworks UK will create a bespoke pencil portrait that will reflect the strength, stature and true character of that special male in your life. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and order the perfect visual memory that will last a lifetime.

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    Pencil Portraits of Women

    Female pencil portraits over time, have been some of the most beautiful and evocative portraits ever created. Personal Artworks UK can deliver a bespoke pencil portrait of that special woman in your life, to your exact requirements. From lifestyle poses through to sultry close up portraits, the choices of pose for your female portrait are endless. Get in touch today I will be happy to talk you through all options available.

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    Pencil Portraits of Pets

    Pet pencil portraits are probably the most popular of portraits requested by my customers. As a nation of pet lovers, the demand for dog portraits and cat portraits have gone up dramatically over the last few years. At Personal Artworks UK, you can order a personalised portrait of your adored pet in either black and white or full colour, available in sizes from A4 right up to A2. Please get in touch today to order your pet pencil portrait.

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    Pencil Portraits of Wildlife

    Wildlife pencil portraits are some of the most beautiful pencil portraits available. Mainly due to the nature of the incredible photographs that are available in todays digital world, the realism a wildlife pencil portrait can reflect is incredible. Whether you have a photo you have taken yourself, or one you have seen online or in the press, Personal Artworks can translate it into a beautiful pencil portrait.

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    Pencil Portraits of Dogs

    Ever thought of ordering a pencil portrait of your canine companion, well look no further. Personal Artworks UK are specialists in all types of pencil portraits, from dog portraits through to pencil portraits of children and even wildlife. You can rest assured, if you order a dog pencil portrait from Personal Artworks UK, you will not be disappointed. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee you can simply order your dog pencil portrait and wait to be amazed.

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    Pencil Portraits of Cats

    Our feline friends have been captured in works of art for hundreds of years, reflecting their cheeky nature and quirky ways. Personal Artworks UK has done many cat pencil portraits, each one unique and personalised to the customers exact requirements. From close up head portraits through to action shots of your feline friend, you can choose the type of pose that best suits your cats personality, and I will translate this into a beautiful cat pencil portrait.

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    Pencil Portraits of Children

    Pencil portraits of children are probably the most popular type of portrait I am commissioned to do, given as gifts to relatives or loved ones. Whether it be a gift for a parent, grandparent or close friend, pencil portraits of children always evoke an emotional response, mainly deriving from the pure and innocent nature that children convey. Get in touch today to discuss the perfect gift of a Child Pencil portrait.

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    Pencil Portraits of People

    Portraits of men, portraits of women and portraits of children, all have their artistic footprint in the history books as some of the most beautiful art ever commissioned. From a single female, close up head portrait, to a group of giggling children, Personal Artworks have completed all manner of styles of pencil portraits of people over the years. Each one with their own set of unique attributes, every pencil portrait is created to a customers exact requirements and style.

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    Ordering a Pencil Portrait – The Process

    1 – GET IN TOUCH

    You can start the process of ordering your portrait in pencil by either emailing me or filling in the online enquiry form on the website.
    There is also the option, if you know exactly what you are looking for, you can order your portrait and pay the 20% deposit on the website.

    When sending your enquiry please let me know the following:-
    – What size would you like your pencil portrait?
    – Would you like the pencil portrait in colour or black and white?
    – Would you like your pencil portrait framed?
    – What date (if any) do you need the portrait completed for?


    Please send your reference photographs in the initial enquiry email, alternatively if you still need to source or take the photograph to be used for the pencil portrait, please let me know when making your enquiry.


    Either when placing your order online or following your email enquiry, a 20% deposit is required to commence work on your pencil portrait.


    Once I have started work on your portrait, I will send you regular updates of progress until complete, ending with a finale proof of the pencil portrait prior to dispatch. At any point if there is anything you are not 100% happy with please let me know and I will change this free of charge.



    Once your portrait is finished I will send you a final proof for approval, once you are completely happy I will require the balance of the payment prior to dispatching your pencil portrait out to you.

    6 – DELIVERY

    When I have posted your portrait drawing to you, I will also send you tracking details so you can check on when delivery will be, to make sure you are in or leave it with a neighbour.