Pencil Portraits – A unique gift that is perfect for someone who has everything


What can you buy someone who has everything?

This is a problem people the world over have, wondering what to buy for a dear friend, a loved one or family member who has everything. You rack your brains thinking of all sorts, starting with the usual suspects; jewellery, clothes, a good book, etc. often ending in you buying them something that is quite run of the mill, quite possibly a gift they have requested, or your go to the emergency gift, a voucher.
In a society of mass consumerism, most people who want or need something usually buy it themselves over the course of the year. So when it comes to Birthdays, Christmas and special events, finding a quick fix to buy them something memorable is usually quite a struggle.
When it comes to buying a gift that will really hit the mark, it needs to be something that is emotive, something close to their heart, or something that has always been a dream to the recipient.
Giving a gift can be something beautiful, nowadays with the everyday chaos of life, most people go for the quick fix approach, something quick and easy that just ticks the box. Rather than having to think of something unique or create something personal that will be perfect.

Buy something memorable & unique they won’t have

The key here is to buy something that is emotive, something that pulls on the heartstrings, or brings back vivid memories of great times that have passed. Thinking of loved ones who have passed or a dearly departed pet, is always a surefire way to bring emotions to the surface.

But how do you package up this idea and tie it into a special gift for someone who has everything?
Well, here is the key; That recently lost loved one or their pet they have had for many years. Why not give them an everyday reminder of that person or pet with a beautifully handcrafted, and unique pencil portrait drawing.

A beautifully drawn pencil portrait can be the perfect reminder of a wonderful moment in time, with a loved one, or can show an adored pet in all its glory, at the peak of its life. Maybe a special time, when something occurred, or a time that evokes humour and times of laughter. There are many ways a personalised pencil portrait can bring joy and show love to that person in your life who has everything.

Get in touch today, I will be happy to discuss things with you, help you develop the most unique gift that will be guaranteed to win the heart and mind of the person you are giving it to, and you can be sure its a one-off gift that can never be given again.